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Fossil Fish Adventures!


Who we are

Fossil Fish Adventures is an opportunity for YOU to dig fossils with the expert guidance of a professional paleontologist in the best quality layers available in the whole Green River Valley! We take dig tours out to our private ranch every week for groups & individuals to experience the thrill of discovering treasures millions of years in the making. 

Where we dig

Our private ranch, just outside Kemmerer (about 4 hours south of Yellowstone National Park & 3 hours from Grand Teton National Park), is located atop one of Wyoming's famous buttes, providing breathtaking views of the western plains and sky. We are equipped with all the tools & equipment you'll need for your tour as well as a preparation lab where you can see how these fossils are brought to life again, 

Booking your tour

We offer Full (8hr) & Half (4hr) day tours every week during the 2022 Dig Season, June to September. There are also Night (4hr) tours available where the fossils are easier to identify.

All packages include a safety meeting, supervised dig instruction, demonstration & practice revealing your fossils, and transportation to & from the ranch.

Rates for tours dependant on group size, layers dug, and tour length. Please contact Todd 10am-7pm at (563) 419-1697 to schedule your fossil fish adventure!

Want to see what digs are like? Check out this PBS Documentary to learn more!

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